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The UK's most sought after Afro Hair Trichologists, treating both Afro and European hair and scalp conditions

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Fulham scalp & hair clinic in London

Established in 2011, the Fulham Scalp and Hair Clinic has helped hundreds of patients understand their hair and scalp conditions and treat it with success. Our honest and direct approach provides you with realistic expectations and a clear understanding of the state of your hair and scalp and the steps you need to follow to achieve progress. Learn more about our trichologists…

Our emphasis on caring for Afro and Mixed hair types  through unique treatment methods has established us as the leading Afro Hair Trichologists, operating over Europe and Africa. Read More…

Conditions We Treat

Itchy / flaky scalps
Patchy hair loss
Hair shedding
Brittle / damaged hair scalp spots / pustules
Receding hairlines
and more…

Traction Alopecia

We can help identify the extent of the damage, what has been contributing to this type of hair loss and how to encourage recovery.

itchy/flaky scalp

We  identify the causes, diagnose and treat or manage the condition to provide you with relief immediately and ongoing.

Hair Breakage

We assess the level of damage, the best way to care for your specific hair type whilst providing treatments to immediately improve quality and manageability.

before and after trichology treatment. Traction alopecia and contact dermatitis
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