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We provide effective, non-surgical trichological services, tailored to your needs. Three  steps that make a difference in achieving success and change in the health of your hair and scalp.

Often the cause of a condition is not readily apparent. During your one-to-one consultation we take the time to assess your styling history, medical history, diet and stress as well as providing a thorough scalp and hair examination.

This 45 min consultation will result in a diagnosis and an individual treatment plan. This includes an immediate course of action as well as an ongoing daily hair care routine that is best for you. Our approach doesn’t just stop at treating the immediate problem but maintaining a healthy scalp and hair thereafter. Only products developed by Teresa Angelina are used which contain the highest quality ingredients.

Services We Offer

Our consultations are one-to-one with a trained and experienced trichologist to assess and examine not only your hair and scalp, but also your nutrition, medical history and styling history. We allow up to 60 minutes to reach a diagnosis and answer any questions and concerns.

In preparation for your consultation:

  1. Leave hair unwashed a minimum of 24 hours before consultation.
  2. Remove any long term hair styles such as weaves, braids and extensions and detangle hair.
  3. Please bring details of any medication you are currently on and the results of any recent blood tests if you have access to them.

 Our treatment plans are honest, non-obligatory and tailored to your needs.  We use a combination of light therapies, steam therapies and topical products.  We are lucky to be able to offer wet trims as an optional service to compliment your treatment plans.

We tell you exactly how to start achieving progress and change in a format that works for your time and finances.  Read our testimonials to find out what commitment can achieve.


Our products are formulated from aromatherapy grade botanical products. We use the power of plants to enhance our quality products, with every ingredient playing a role in caring for your hair and scalp.

We formulate in small batches to keep our products as fresh as possible and because we have developed the formulas, we know exactly what has gone into making each product we use and sell in the clinic.

We also stock a number of camoflage products that can help disguise the appearance of hair loss and hair thinning whilst treatments are taking place.

Afro Hair experts

Afro hair growth with trichology treatments

We provide clear advice on what styles and caring habits to avoid and what should be an essential part of your routine. With a flood of information online claiming the solution for beautiful hair, it’s important to focus on the science over fashionable claims and seek expert advice that is tailored to you as an individual.

Over the past two decades harsh hairdressing techniques and misinformation are increasingly to blame for the damage that we see on a daily basis. Breakage, brittle or thinning hair lines and itchy, scaly scalps are common complaints being suffered by those with afro hair. The suffering is unnecessary and needs to end.
-Teresa Angelina Richardson MIT

Our patients are proud of the progress they continue to make with their hair, read their testimonials.

We never use weaves, extensions or direct heat (blow driers, tongs and hair straighteners) as part of our service nor do we claim that these results can be achieved quickly. The patients shown above have spent at least a year or more visiting the Fulham Scalp & Hair Clinic. By being patient and consistent with the right care, you will definitely see long lasting, healthy results.

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